Bush needs to stop appointing his Mommy surrogates to office

You got black mommy Condoleeza and blonde mommy Karen Hughes and Chicano mommies and...

Some are actually educated.

Ms Hughes isn't. She's just good at being big and blonde and pushy and and a fairly decent wordslinger and also a big-time invoker of that peculiar Southern Redneck form of the Christian religion that regards Jesus as an ass-kicker. For example:

The undersecretary's dangerous trip

By Sidney Blumenthal

Sept. 29, 2005

President Bush has no advisor more loyal and less self-serving than Karen Hughes. As governor of Texas he implicitly trusted the former Dallas television reporter turned press secretary with the tending of his image and words. She was mother hen of his persona. In the White House, Hughes devoted heart and soul to Bush as his communications director, until, suddenly, she returned home to Texas in 2002, citing her son's homesickness. There were reports that Karl Rove, jealous of power, had been sniping at her...

--- now children, don't fight -- there's enough plunder and -- ultimately -- enough shame and blame to go around for everyone..

...After two undersecretaries of state for public diplomacy resigned in frustration in the face of the precipitous loss of U.S. prestige around the globe, Bush found a new slot for Hughes this year. She may be the most parochial person ever to hold a senior State Department appointment, but the president has confidence she can rebrand the United States.

Hughes appeared to be one of the pilgrims satirized by Mark Twain in his 1869 book, "Innocents Abroad," about his trip on "The Grand Holy Land Pleasure Excursion." "None of us had ever been anywhere before; we all hailed from the interior; travel was a wild novelty to us ... We always took care to make it understood that we were Americans -- Americans!"

"...Many people around the world do not understand the important role that faith plays in Americans' lives," she said. When an Egyptian opposition leader inquired why President Bush mentions God in his speeches, she asked him "whether he was aware that previous American presidents have also cited God, and that our Constitution cites 'one nation under God.' He said, 'Well, never mind.'"


"Never mind" indeed.

Well, after all, it was her first trip into the land of the Saracen, and
he was probably more familiar with OUR Constitution than she was, but he knew she was full of ... fervor .. perhaps trying her best to make "blonde jokes" universal.

You see, Ms Karen, not only doesn't it say that in the Constituion, the word "God" does not appear in the Constitution at all, but then it seems as if knowing fuck all about the Constitution (and being a buddy or a mommy to Georgie Boy) seems to be a prerequisite for employment in the Bushwah admin...

"Under God" was added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954 and it was dreadful -- it broke the sense of unity the original pledge was intended to strengthen -- it was a verbally divisive element that added to the systematic shredding of our national identity into GOOD Americans and BAD Americans. (Let's not forget Joe McCarthy -- Charlie McCarthy's silver-tongued little brother -- America's most prominent drug addict and surrealist writer of the ever-amorphous list of Communists in the State Department -- until the emergence of William Seward Burroughs as a literary light. Of course, America's favorite Mad Dog and prover of Blonde Jokes -- Ann Coulter -- has been assiduously trying to resurrect and refurbish his image. )

Until then, the pledge (and the pledge itself hadn't been around all that long either*) concluded with this beautifully metered statement:

"One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all..."

but the scaredy cats (ain't it innaresting how, for so many years, the big rich guys take our money to fight the things they're afraid of -- and most of those things involve becoming less rich -- with precious little attention to spending our money for the things to which we aspire) had to put a religious reference in there to thumb nose at the godless Communists (who wanted all the rich people to share their stuff) and it broke the rhythm like so:

"One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."

Say it -- feel it roll -- it turned the simple statement into committee-ized crap. The insertion of the word "God" into the Flag pledge turned "indivisible" and "liberty and justice for all" into afterthoughts.

"One nation, under God, blibbity blabbity bloop."

You'd think someone -- even one of Bush's mommy-babes -- would know something about our history and our Constitution, wouldn't you?

*It was written in the 1890's and incorporated as official in the 1920's -- here's the history.


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