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I posted this nearly a year ago:

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

An intuitive prediction

... based on no supportable information but my own sense of nightmare:

If Bush loses, he'll be back on the sauce within the year.

If Bush wins, he'll be back on the sauce within the year.

Assuming, of course, he isn't already.


And according to some sleazy but often accurate sources ...

he's back on the sauce again.

Wasn't hard to predict -- about as easy and depressing as seeing that the Iraq adventure would end badly for everyone. Because he's a punk ass infant and he needs his bottle and he's too stupid to see the people telling him what to do are going to let him stand out there all alone, not even knowing what the approaching mob is screaming about as they cut off his balls and leave him standing there, holding the empty bag.

At THAT point, I may feel sorry for him. But not until he's publicly castrated -- now, I still feel very sorry for us.


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