Exhibit A: Lying sack of shit # 4,372,900 -- "I haff no objections to people of the same sex being married." Campaign promise. That one ranks with his claims of seeing Russian tanks in the streets of Vienna as a boy in the 1950's.

Face it Ahnold -- no way in Hell we're changing the consitutional requirements for President for you. Sorry. Even if you weren't obviously showing yourself to be a thug and a posturer and a lying sack of shit like the Last Great Austrian Political Bully, it's too late -- your boy in the White House has systematically destroyed the Republican Party.

**By the way -- an aside -- I do not diss people who believe in this person or political philosophy or that -- only the ones who go public, who stand up and lie to us and ask us to give them power over our lives. People may believe what they will, and I can be wrong. But for those who claim to care about our society, push out others who do the same, and then lie and steal and refuse to take responsibility, I feel -- in my private thoughts -- they deserve tar and feathers at the least, and, in a just world, lynch law.

Another note to Ahnold -- and a whole bunch of poseurs on all sides of the left-right/up-down spectrum -- when some rich asshole "wants to give back" to the society that was so kind, slandering, lying, and bullying your way to a position of power is NOT giving back, but just taking more. Giving back is things like 'Habitats for Humanity,' 'Meals on Wheels,' etc.


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