An open plea to Congresspeople, Senators, FEMA people, Homeland security, people, Bush admin people, et al in the wake of Katrina:

Just do your jobs.

SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU CARE and how much you know how it is to wait in 100 degree heat on a tar roof for days without water...

First of all, we know you don't care for anything but your own careers. You're a bunch of self-serving pricks, and that's fine ...

Self-serving pricks we can vote for...


Do you get the difference?

And if you actually DO CARE... so fucking what? WE DON"T CARE IF YOU DO.

Go complain to your wives and husbands, to your priests and rabbis and shrinks that we don't understand you.

Great Googa Mooga -- we have enough sorrow in our lives without ALSO having to understand YOU. We already know you're capering, posturing scum -- just get to work.

Isn't it enough we give you a gold-plated government tit to suck on from here to eternity? Don't try to make us care about you, too.

It's bad enough we have a smirking sock-puppet for a president. Do we to have to discover to our sorrow that ALL OF YOU are animatronics like him and Dirty Dick Cheney?

This is not aimed at left or right -- I don't care if you're Diane Feinstein, the world's most fascistic lefty or that former senator whose name sounds like a turd being squeezed out during a tough doodie -- Trent Lott. Teddy K or whiny little Joey Lieberman, senator Foghorn Leghorn Henry Hyde or nazi-mustachio'd Bob Barr, Doctor Bob Frist-Fuck or Senator Reedy. Not any of you -- I do not care what your political philosophy is or isn't. This is a work-performance review.

Dick Cheney is a heartless monster, but at least he's not dumb enough to come out of hiding and try to convince us he cares for our pain. (This is not an endorsement of his contempt for us, from which this saving-grace emerges.)

As to Mr. Feel-your-pain Bill Clinton -- I'm not going to diss him for his personal life because he did his job -- get it?

We don''t care if you diddle schoolgirls or sheep -- just do the fucking job we hired you for -- the one YOU appealed to us to give you.

Some of you actually do it, but I'm not going to name names because people will try to make it mean approval of this person or that one's political philosophy. It's not -- it's just about how well you did whatever it is you SAID you were going to do.

We don't care if you don't approve of FEMA -- if you don't like the idea of giving unqualified help for people, don't run it -- have some fucking integrity and quit the job your pal gave you (apparently to make up for being a second-rate shit of a failure all these years).

Same for homeland security -- if you won't protect us from the plundering Halliburglars in our executive branch, at least deal with bombings, fires, floods, tornados and earthquakes.

We already despise you for your lies and complicities, so you don't have to expend any energy for our affection -- you won't get it so you can forget your "I care" crap.






*(When I say "shut the fuck up," I'm referring to the interminable and expensive photo-ops you set up to try to convince people without access to the scene that you're actually doing something -- a hint -- what WE see is a big self-absorbed bozo standing in the middle of despair saying "Oh look how wonderful I am to be here among the little people." It just makes us hate you more -- or didn't Karl Rove -- or whatever Turd Blossom any of you have whispering smart-alecky tricks in your ears -- understand that part of the suckers finally figuring out the game and coming up on you?)


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