'I'm Not an Ideologue,' Roberts Tells Senate Panel, "But then, I'm also not being candid or fully truthful."

"John G. Roberts Jr. yesterday summed up his Senate hearings to become the nation's 17th chief justice by declaring, "I'm not an ideologue," brushing aside his early years in the trenches of the conservative Reagan revolution as he portrayed himself as a lawyer and judge devoid of social agendas."

The gambler's 'tell' *

The thing that bothers me is that he often sets his eyebrows into that same "don't hit me" squinch that Dubya does, and in my experience that's a "tell" when there's a covert situation going on, something close to the core that the person does not want anyone to see, touch, feel, or challenge. Someone might want to fast forward through the hearings and note what was being asked when the magickal eyebrow mojo was raised.

Add to that the almost total suppression of emotion behind nearly complete facial armoring and it says clearly there's a lot going on with this fellow he does not want people to know. Perhaps "I'm not a District Attorney but I play one on Law & Order" Senator-turned-TV actor Fred Thompson overcoached him.

Open and Honest are Liabilities?

Everyone says Judge Bork got bounced because he was too open. Perhaps. But it was WHAT HE SAID when he was being candid that was PURE LOONEY TUNES that did it. It was not the fact of speaking honestly, but like The Son of Sam Killer or Charles Manson, both of whom also spoke honestly also, it was what he said that chilled the blood of those who didn't see things the same way.

Pure moralistic crap about how even if adults perused sexually-oriented material in privacy, where no children could see it or even know it was there, it was still a disease that would infect society from the pure fact of its nature.

So what he was really saying was that HE couldn't handle sexually-oriented material without fear of running amok. Of course, he projected that outward to imply that THEY, the inferior people, couldn't handle it without pounding drums and raping white women.

Oh God I surely do miss Barbara Jordan the last politican for whom I would have GLADLY voted to be president

To Barbara Jordan, who understood EXACTLY what he was TRYING to suggest, what he was saying was that he didn't understand the Bill of Rights, and she-- god rest her soul and how we miss her -- had no problem giving him a public spanking along with an introductory lesson on what the First Amendment means.

Oh, the fact that Judge Bork was the only exec in the justice department willing to stay in and go along with Richard Nixon to fire Archibald Cox and try to stop the investigation into the Watergate mess didn't help the perception of his integrity level. Or maybe it was the bad beard.

All I know is that Mr.Clean is being covert and careful.

Big surprise for someone, but who? Maybe the Right wingers

What does it mean? For all I know, it means he'll turn out like David Souter or Earl Warren and actually stand tall and tough for the constitution as it is and not as Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell would like it to be, and go down as one more Joker popping up in the deck as the Right Wing once again tries to deal from a stacked deck.

Time will tell.

* "It was his gambler's tell. When the owner of that expensive but cheap suit was lying, he'd click click click click his flawed diamond against the buttons of his suit jacket."
From Sock by Penn Jillette


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