Conspiracy Or Crap? The beauty of the blogosphere is that you can decide...

Here's a QuickTime lecture

in which Michael Rupert (From the Wilderness) discusses the involvement of Dick Cheney, et al in the 9-11 events.

This via the delightful Angry Old Broad

to which we were referred by Blondesense Liz

The issue raised -- the IMPORTANT issue raised is whether or not it's acceptable to question, wonder, even (dare I say it) think about whether or not we believe the story we got, and if not, then what would be the alternative?

Is Michael Rupert insane?

Possibly, but then I am reminded of how I assumed Lyndon LaRouche was insane when -- years and years ago -- he went on and on about the danger we faced from the Islamic Brotherhood. I finally had to come to this conclusion: Yes, Lyndon LaRouche is probably insane --- but he was right.

So the issue of sanity is moot. As the punchline to the old joke goes: "I may be nuts, but I'm not stupid."

Check it out. Let yourself wonder if it makes sense or not.

Takes about 10 - 15 minutes or so, but is worth it.


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