The Axis of Diesel

OK, Kids -- today's geography lesson:

Drawn a line from Baku, Azerbaijan (terminus for the Caspian Sea Oil and, coincidentally, the country where they just held an election everyone says is rigged -- oh boy, glad that can't happen here, but I digress)...

... draw a line -- say, a pipeline -- from Baku to the Mediterranean, to someplace where you could have a deep water port capable of loading oil tankers so ships don't have to spend MONTHS in line to get through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles (in and out of the Black Sea)...
Let's see ... there's Beirut and Tel Aviv ... ok, good for a start. Well that pipeline would have to go right through ... hmm ... Iran, Iraq, and Syria ... well goodness gracious!

I wonder if Bush and his people have noticed this fortuitous coincidence.


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