Governor takes blame for defeat of measures


Gotta hand it to you -- I don't like you and I don't like your style.

You call it "forceful and impatient." I call it bullying and thuggish.

I don't particularly like your programs, either.

Doesn't matter. You did something NO ONE has done -- Republican or Democrat -- since JFK.

(And yes, I'm including that Vietnam fantasy shovelled out by Robert MacNamara, about how "no one told him -- he didn't know" when the fact was people who were in those meetings made it clear that anyone who tried to tell you was thrown out. You can ask a certain officer who teaches military history at West Point -- he was in those meetings and told it cold when he reviewed that self-serving pile of crap you called a memoir.)

Anyway, Arnold -- you showed us the difference between you and the creepy little rich kid in the White House and/or all of his hench-creeps:

You stood up and said "MY FAULT. MY MISTAKE."

I don't even care how you then mitigated and wiggled it around.

You stood up.
You even made it public how many people told you (about holding a special election) "Don't do it."

So I salute you, sir.

(You MUST know that's not going to be enough to satisfy the blood hunger of all the other office-grabbers. But even though you're public career may be over, you took the first step towards restoring an actual representative democracy, i.e., acknowledging that one thing was wrong -- a thing YOU did -- and I thank you.)


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