11/9/05 | Cheney on trial

From Sidney Blumenthal's article "Cheney on Trial."

"From the beginning, the White House has acted as though the Plame affair were a minor irritation that could be contained. Libby's elaborate stories to the grand jury of how he was told Valerie Plame Wilson's identity as a covert CIA operative by journalists suggested supreme confidence that the journalists would not disclose their conversations with him. But only Judith Miller acted to shield him as a 'source'; she was sentenced to prison for 85 days before she agreed to testify. The others cited in the indictment, Matthew Cooper of Time magazine and Tim Russert of NBC News, had earlier undercut Libby's various accounts."

Why, that must mean it was just no more than a third-rate burglary.

My old friend Bob was so right when he said "They always make the same mistakes."

Something about arrogance and hubris.

In this case, it's also some of the same old Watergate players, back again, the ones that got away the first time around.


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