It's official -- The White House Press Office tells us -- Bush is back on the sauce again

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia (AP) -- The scene was straight out of a Genghis Khan movie.

There were Mongol warriors clad in armor and helmets, armed with swords and mounted on the short, stout horses unique to Mongolia. The warriors hoisted colorful battle flags on spears...

He drank fermented mare's milk -- sometimes likened to a mix of warm beer and buttermilk -- sipped tea and nibbled cheese curd, a White House official said. Reporters were kept outside and could not watch.

Well, kummis or arike -- call it what you will -- Mongolian fermented mare's milk (3% - 18% alcohol) is booze, so no wonder the reporters were kept outside and could not watch.

Monkey Boy is definitely on the sauce again

And apparently, proud of it.

That explains the even-more-goofy-than-usual smiles, the stumbling, the walking into locked doors... (NO, he said, it's Jet lag. Sure it is, Monkey Boy, and you're a Rhodes scholar.)


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