Lawmakers Acted on Heels of Abramoff Gifts

By JOHN SOLOMON and SHARON THEIMER Associated Press Writers

November 17,2005 | WASHINGTON -- While Congress investigated Jack Abramoff's efforts to win influence inside government, its members held a secret: Nearly three dozen lawmakers pressed to block a Louisiana Indian casino while collecting large donations from the lobbyist and his tribal clients.

Many lawmakers, including leaders in both parties, intervened with letters to Interior Secretary Gale Norton within days of receiving money from tribes represented by Abramoff or using the lobbyist's restaurant for fundraising, an Associated Press review of campaign reports, IRS records and congressional correspondence found.

Lawmakers said their intervention had nothing to do with Abramoff and that the timing of donations was a coincidence.

Right -- it's a coincidence -- and that's a thermometer up your ass, and we're only taking your temperature.

Can't even ask "How dumb do they think we are?" anymore. We can SEE how dumb they think we are. And obviously, since we don't do anything about it -- WE ARE.


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