Bush Lauds Iraq Progress, Cites Challenges (blows smoke up collective asses)

December 07,2005 | WASHINGTON -- Trying to build support for Iraq war strategy, President Bush acknowledged that reconstruction has proceeded with "fits and starts" but spreading economic progress is lifting people's hopes for a democratic future...

Wish WE could feel same way about our American future.

"In places like Mosul and Najaf, residents are seeing tangible progress in their lives," Bush said. "They're gaining a personal stake in a peaceful future and their confidence in Iraq's democracy is growing. The progress in these cities is being replicated across much of Iraq. And more of Iraq's people are seeing the real benefits that a democratic society can bring."

Actually we DO feel the same way about America's future -- by an overwhelming majority, the people of Iraq feel that there is no future at all until Bush and his minions get the hell out of their country. And so do we.


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