I'm otherwise occupied these days -- but the Arnold the Barbarian and Tookie Willams debacle just sticks --

Tookie kept saying he didn't do the crime.

Arnold said he couldn't commute the sentence unless he expressed remorse for having done the crime.

And relatives of the dead people have been elevated to the status of intelligent humans, based on nothing but their past proximity to the people who got shot -- and immediately blew it, saying that we shouldn't forget the victims, that he shouldn't get off ... failing to understand that life without parole is not exactly getting off scot free.

So, in essence, Arnold said we don't need anyone to talk to kids on the street and say "Don't do what I did -- look at me -- I'm going to be in a cage the rest of my life. Think about it."

But what Arnold did say was "Hey you Republicans -- see? I can be just as much of a heartless, unfeeling, sonofabitch as Bush or Clinton, or anyone else who killed people to get votes."

Congratulations, Arnie -- your father joined the Nazi Party, and you seem to have followed in his footsteps -- you joined a different club, but one still composed of thieves, thugs, liars, murderers, and -- oh yes -- white people who don't mind killing people of another race..

By the way -- did you ever show real remorse for all the woman you debased, groped, grabbed, insulted, shouted down, and marginalized as crazies to even question your right to fondle them without their consent.

Just wondering because the Kissing Bandit was executed in the '50's for rape when all he did was kiss women against their will (after robbing their boyfriends when they were parked and necking).

Aren't you glad that's not the law anymore?
I would imagine some of the women you abused aren't.


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