Why I am a registered Libertarian

I was raised as a Democrat -- most kids grow up in the political orientation and religion their parents held -- and I have seen and heard that affiliation attacked by Republicans since, as a child, I heard allegations that Adlai Stevenson was a murderer, that all Democrats are traitors ... and that was in the 50's -- and the 60's -- and the 70's --- and the 80's -- and the 90's -- and even more, now in the 21st century, same thing happening -- venomous attacks.

You ask them about an issue -- do we have enough troops in Iraq? Are we actually torturing people? Are the people we're holding in Guantanamo actually guilty of anything? Is Dick Cheney paying off his pals with our money? Does President Bush have any say in running the government? --- and the answer is an attack on the questioner.

Most of my life I wished we might have a president who would pick the best plan of those available, regardless of the origin -- and when President Clinton did that, nodded to some Republican proposals and said, in essence, "Good idea, let's do that," he was attacked as "stealing our ideas!"

Now the Bush-wahs have their people out there attacking Democrats for doing what THEY have been doing, screaming in pain at being slandered. Ask about an unfair tax cut and they scream "Creating Class War." Say you think Bush is inadequate and they call you a "Saddam-lover," or "America-hater."

Any questioning of the war, if it's worthwhile gets you either attacked as a "rape-room lover," or asked a sneering question "Aren't the people of Iraq better off without Saddam?"

Well, actually, according to a lot of the people of Iraq, they say "NO," things were better when Saddam was in power.

Is the world, i.e. America, better off? Dunno -- we'll have to see what a solid Shi'a axis of Iran, Iraq, Syria is like, because that's what Bush has created (assuming he's the one making the decisions).

The last four Republican administrations have all treated congress as untrustworthy foreing enemies.

And Bush keeps pointing to two small towns in Iraq that are actually functioning, ignoring the daily multiple death count in the completely chaotic and anarchic areas of the rest of the country, Baghdad, for example. His justification -- one-time Democrat Little Joey Lieberman has kissed his ass so long he can be considered an ally. (By the way, I am Jewish, and find it upsetting that Joe Lieberman claims himself to be an orthodox Jew. Wrong. He's an Orthodox Ass-Kisser, Whineing Variety -- any way the wind blows, he blows the guy in charge.)

But the Democrats? Jeezus fucking Christ!

Dukakis? Gore? Kerrey? Three Blind Mice. That's the best they can do?

Clinton had some chops, so what did they do? Re-arrange the primary structure to make sure no one like him (i.e., the choice of the registered Democrats) can ever get the nomination, the contest being over in the first weeks, no chance for anyone to show their mettle over the long haul.

Kerry's the rep for the party as in eMails. I have this to say to Senator Kerry:

"Fuck you, you lame piece of shit. You held the center of a public forum for months. All the press was looking at and listening to you. And you said a total of jack shit. You let a bunch of slimers attack your war record and raise a guy above you as more patriotic who not only joined a National Guard unit that OTHER National Guard Units laugh at -- but didn't even finish his service in that one. So don't start doing a Gore and making speeches about what SHOULD happen when it's too late. Sit down and shut up and let someone with a brain and a spine and an idea or two stand up and lead."

They say Lowell Weicker will run against Joey Lieberman for the senate. If I lived in his state, I would break my late father's heart by voting for (and campaigning for) a Republican.

As I grow older, I become more appreciative of the Conservative viewpoint.

But there is no party to represent me.

I will not support people who are dead-set on turning this country into a theocratic dictatorship. Who are so terrified of women they can not even conceive of the possibility that people of that sex are capable of understanding moral issues and making up their own minds about such things. Mean-spirited, vicious, assholes who expend vast resources (our resources) on finding, chasing down, and imprisoning people who use a naturally-growing plant to relieve their pain. Who conserve nothing but instead use up, burn up, sell off, and destroy everything they can.

People who laugh at the Libertarians are people who don't understand just how un-fucking-believably silly the Republicans and Democrats are.

While the Libertarians' standards may be totally impractible, they actually have standards, a vision, an understanding of what direction they want to take this country, even if it's not possible to go all the way there. *

Some of the goals of those standards are less government control of individual behavior, keeping government spending to a minimum, not engaging in whimsical foreign adventures, and free trade -- meaning, if people want to do business in foreign countries, good luck -- we're not sending the military over to help them. The military is here to defend our homes, and, as two-time Medal of Honor winner Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC said, "to defend the Bill of Rights. Any other war is just a racket."

The Republicans used to be the party of the individual, self-sufficient people who wanted no more from the government than to keep foreign invaders off our soil.

The Democrats used to be the party of the social conscience, balancing the inequities to allow everyone a fair chance at achieving their goals.

Both of them became authoritarian, church-ridden, parasites, trying to control everyone and everything, betraying everything they ever stood for and ultimately, both serving the rich who give them the bribes they call "campaign contributions." (Why -- did you think Al Gore wasn't getting the same money for Oil and Pharma that Bush was? Sometimes from different companies, but still... servile running dogs, as the old expression used to go ... running dogs of the ruling class.)

To hell with them all, and I believe I'm not violating the so-called Patriot Act when I say I dearly hope each and every one of them gets the future they're creating for others.


PS -- NOT WHORES -- I hate the use of that word for these scumbags holding elected and appointed office, a bunch of posturing pissants who NEVER put their own asses on the line. I remember an interview in 1972 in which a San Franciso prostitute told the interviewer:


*(My wife points out that just knowing what you want to do and where you want to take things may not be -- in and of itself -- much of a virtue. Hitler knew what he wanted to do. So did Attila, Genghis Khan, Torquemada, Fulgencio Batista, Anastasio Somoza, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, and a few other people of clear vision and firm resolve.)


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