OK -- so we know the Republicans don't care about working stiffs, and the Democrats tell us allthe time that they care ever so much but can't ever seem to DO anything (because it might offend their contributors), and members of the press are generally afraid to say anything like the truth since it might make the people in power not like them (meaning perhaps they won't keep getting those 6-figure salaries to give journalistic blow jobs to people in power and even pathetic assholes like Scott McClellan) -- so maybe it's time to think about the way the IWW got everyone else their unions and then, of course, the union men immediately turned around (literally) and bent over for the bosses, and said "Whee, it feels so good!" and kicked the IWW out "cuz they was commies."

(Of all the obscene things we see in today's society, the most vile could be the AFL-CIO members singing the praises of Joe Hill. Check their web site -- they act as if they didn't betray him and everything he lived and died for.)


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