Question of the day -- Is Scott McClellan more pathetic or more vile? Or does one not preclude the other?

I just watched part of his press conference -- just inadvertently since it was on CSPAN when I turned the TV on to check a later listing on another station ---

So I watched that stuttering, snivelling piece of detritus that whimpers like a convicted lobbyist and wondered:

"Does he REALLY believe the Democrats in congress want to weaken and endanger the country? Do his masters all believe that, that the Democrats are, essentially, traitors?"

How did we come to be run by Nazi tactics?

I guess it shouldn't be any surprise since this administration is just the most recent generation of Bush-Family Nazi-collaborators, starting with both gramps raising and sending money to Hitler to buy bullets to kill our guys for years before and also through the first 10 months of the war.

And then Poppy had 11 former SS Men serving as "ethinc consultants" during his failed re-election bid, all of whom were being managed by Monkey Boy, and, of course, typical of everything the little shit has ever put his fingers into, it blew up, and it was discovered, and it failed and needed to be covered up.

These people are vile subhuman scum, with no agenda but to loot the treasury, sell off our resources and denounce anyone who points to THEIR crimes as a threat to our country.

They don't seem to realize that the only threat is to THEIR credibility and really seem to be doing the "L'etat c'est moi" two-step and we all remember how that ended up for the muckety-mucks.

Is it Tumbrel Time again?


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