Here's the dilemma -- even if this amazingly short-sighted whatever-it-is in Iraq proves fantastically successful according to whatever goals and aims the administration is claiming this week:

Most Americans do NOT want our country to be the sort of monster it seems to becoming -- a bullying, invading, torturing, murdering, vicious, the mindless, conscienceless, incompetent power-crazed soulless THING killing indiscriminately and and then pissing on the promises they made to the military volunteers they sent to do their dirty work (and their families) while shutting down the rights of the rest of its citizens and putatively headed by a swaggering sock puppet who is filled by the slimy hands of some of the most unwholesome creatures we've ever seen anywhere outside of an H.P. Lovecraft story -- let alone in a presidential administration -- and that includes Nixon's (from whence came the hard core of this crowd).

I know we've often and always been one or more of those things -- any Latin American and/or Native American history will show that. But that doesn't mean we want to enshrine every bit of THAT sort of behavior and shitcan the good things.

Just because this country has not always or even often lived up to its Bill of Rights does NOT mean we are ready to just tear it up and become what we always accused the Soviet Union of being.

Unfortunately, it really looks like that's exactly what this band of creeps that have come out from under the rocks (except for Dick Cheney who STILL can't stand much daylight) -- that's what they're working hard to make permanent.

Or as I have personally heard kids sing in the rich River Oaks section of Houston:

"This land is my land
It is not your land
I have a shotgun
You have not got one
If you don't get off
I'll blow your head off
This land was made for only me."

Cute, the little girls I heard singing that and dancing around the big living room.

Real cute.


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