Watkins warned Ken Lay about the fraud at Enron

"March 15,2006 | HOUSTON --

Sherron Watkins, the former Enron accountant who warned higher-ups the company was a house of cards ready to fall, testified Wednesday she discussed her concerns with company founder Kenneth Lay only to learn months later that her job was threatened for speaking up...

Within two days after her session with Lay, Enron sought advice "on the consequences of terminating you," federal prosecutor John Heuston told her.


My question -- what sentence would be given to some black guy who mugged an old lady for her pension check?

What about someone who mugged a few thousand old ladies?

What about some white guys in suits that mugged several thousand old ladies?

That's justice for Lay and Skilling.

They always talk about how @*($%^$&%@ tough they are, how they're hard-chargers and Top Guns and all.

They'll fit right in when they're doing their 50 consecutive 10-year jolts in Leavenworth.


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