Let's be fair -- surely it's only a coincidence that all of the pals of Bush, Cheney, Poppy Bush, Poppy Bush's long time partner, Poppy Ben Laden -- and the Carlyle People (Kissinger, Schultz, etc) and Rumsfeld (CEO of Gilead which makes Theraflu, chosen to be the anti-Avian flu drug) ... ONLY A COINCIDENCE that all of the Busha Nostra have gotten filthy rich, richer. richestin the past 5 years while the average American is scraping up enough to fill the tank to get to work -- if he or she still has a real job.

Surely talk of a conspiracy is ridiculous, since the plunder is right out in the open.

It MUST BE just be a coincidence that they get richer while the rest of us get the fiscal equivalent of anal rape.


Isn't that right?

Just A Coincidence?


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