Spelling correction to the posting just below --


Scott McClellan not

Scott McClellanD --

Apparently his balls and self-respect weren't the only things he had to give up for the job ... that final D had to go, too.

Well, we all useta hear about how Monkey Boy liked to rename all the moths who gathered around his (daddy's) money flame.

A little passive-aggressive homoerotic creepy way of humilitating other people (all in good fun, eh turd blossom?) -- but after a while, even the Press Corps, all asses and elbows bown on the floor fighting for scraps, even they started to notice how so many of them -- all mean spirited -- deal with anuses and penises.

Well, wottehell, Archie -- Laura isn't the first wife who had to deal with finding out her husband is gay. But in that family, the threat of a public divorce can equates to a single-car fatal crash.

And it's not as if she has to whine and wheedle to get the doc to top up her bottle of Xanax.


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