Vegetable Compounds Combat Cancer (from Scientific American online 4/5/06)

Vegetable Compounds Combat Cancer

Science Image: ginger, hot pepper, cauliflower

In the ongoing war on cancer, researchers have enlisted a new series of soldiers: roots and vegetables. New findings presented at the American Association for Cancer Research show that a grocery list of vegetables including ginger, hot peppers and cauliflower show promise as cancer-combating agents.

Pharmacologist Shivendra Singh of the University of Pittsburgh and his colleagues showed that a chemical released when cruciferous vegetables--such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage--are chewed helps control human prostate tumors grafted into mice. Phenethyl-isothiocyanate, or PEITC, prompted the prostate cancer cells to kill themselves in a process called apoptosis. By the end of a 31-day treatment cycle, treated mice had tumors nearly two times smaller than their counterparts.


--------------- and cauliflower bits dipped into hot green salsa or such makes good munching consistent with the Pritikin diet principles -- calories per ounce, i.e., no one can eat enough cauliflower or broccoli to gain weight. Another tip for the heart and for the pancreas.



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