Immigration Consternation -- Nothing More Than Pre-election Public Masturbation

Hey -- I hear the call-ins -- people shrieking

"We're losing our country! We're having our country STOLEN from us!"

Funny -- ironic even -- that's exactly what THEY were saying around 15o years ago when the regions we call "Our Country" were, in fact, THEIR country.

It's just racial hysteria.

But we attach labels for our protection (i.e., to keep from waking up).

The so-called "Mexicans" or "Nicaraguans" or Hondurans," are Native Americans who speak Spanish, most of them, instead of Nahuatl, or whatever, because they were invaded by the Spanish (just as most North American Natives speak English, since English-speaking people are the ones who invaded THEM).

These are the people who lived on the land before anyone -- not even the Basque -- knew there was a land here. Some of them are descendants of combined genes of Native and foreign invaders -- Spanish or French or German.

Most are Apache or Yaqui or Navajo or Aztec or Maya or Huichol, etc. The same faces that were carved in and from stone 1000 years ago. No difference from the Cheyenne, Sioux, Iroquois,*** and the rest insofar as they all were here for hundreds, thousands of years before the Europeans came looking for gold.

So who's stealing what from whom?

One simple solution: a merger between Mexico and the United States (as was suggested many years ago by John Muir -- of the VW Idiot Book -- and others) -- no questions of amnesty or being guests in the home they were run out of not so long ago -- they'd all be citizen of the Republic of North American (the Canadians could join, too).

It's just a line on a map.

I said SIMPLE -- I didn't say EASY.

But this current business is so racial it's painful.

Because the second largest group of illegals working in America and taking jobs away from our citizens? Irish -- they go to Canada and slide across to the US -- Boston, New York, etc.

When I see an INS agent pull over a blonde-hairded blue eyed freckled family, pull them out of their car and demand to see ID and Green Cards because they "look Irish and talk with a brogue," then I'll allow that this business isnt just racial hysteria.

And oh, yeah if European Jews have a claim on land that people not even related to them abandoned 1000 years ago, people not descended from Semitic stock, but who read the same book, well, is that a precedent?

And what does it mean for the Navajo or Miwok?

(By the way, I'm Jewish. And I'm glad those poor bastards out of Europe have a place to live. Europe didn't want them. Hell, the RAF attacked a fleet of ships* carrying 7,000 people who had managed to survive the Neuengamme Concentration Camp on May 3, 1945. Only 350 came through alive.** I think it's great they had Palestine to go to. I'm just talking here about who's stealing what from whom, who's got a rightful claim to what, and how those of us in Northern California should be learning at least a few basic phrases in Wintu.)


* The Cap Arcona, Deutschland, and Thielbeck

**The 100-Year Secret: Britain's Hidden WWII Massacre by Benjamin Jacobs (one of the survivors) and Eugene Pool. 2004, The Lyons Press, ISBN# 1-59228-532-5

***Just FYI -- The Iroquois Federation was the basic structure used for our Constituion, and since the United States, so-called were essentially in a state of anarchy after the British left, it was a good thing Benjamin Franklin knew about their organization. (Forgotten Founders: Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution by Bruce E. Johansen, 1982 Gambit Inc. Publishers. You can read the entire book here .


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