Bush thinks the NY TIMES article on money-snooping was "a disgrace"

Oh, tell us about it Monkey Boy.

You know all about disgrace.

What can we read from a comment like that?

Well, the normal -- "How DARE they publish news of our illegal activities?"

And the Elemental -- the war is over and we lost, we need to hang on in order to gain enough time to start lining up people to blame for it.

Can't blame US for fucking up and getting our people and their people killed and maimed and life-destroyed.

After all "You go to war with the Army you've got." (The fact that there was NO NEED AT ALL TO GO TO WAR... not relevant as in "Are you people still talking about that? That's ancient history. Like the 2000 election.")


Let's blame it on the people who thought it was a really bad idea to go to war, who predicted it would end like this -- civil war, anarchy, terrorism becoming a growth industry in response to our military invasion -- let's blame it on them, but we'll just change what they said a little bit, say they WANTED it to end in failure instead of just foreseeing that it would. No difference there, right Karl?

Another tired vicious worn-out tactic. I guess these guys figure they can still scare the crap out of people and get them angry -- always has worked before. Still working now. And blame it on the flag-burners, the last of which was seen sometime before the last sighting of an Ivory-billed woodpecker cross-breeding with a Passenger Pigeon.

There IS a way to regain the respect in the world these Bozos have pissed away -- find a way to put 'em on trial for Crimes Against Humanity. The Three Amigos -- Monkey Boy, ChainGang, and Redrum, and oh yeah, that little Gollum of a Towel Boy, Karl "Hey guys wait up for me" Rove.

And keep 'em in Guantanamo until we get enough hard evidence to win the case -- no matter how long it takes.


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