So, OK, fine, now we know what it looks like from Hugo Chavez's perspective

But so what?

That's him.

It's not anti-American (of me) to say, "So maybe he has a point."

Our Stars and Stripes have waved over a lot of uninvited "boot-in-the-face" action down south.

Regardless of the validity or invalidity or somewhere in the middle-idity of Senor Chavez's remarks -- and I have to say that he's wrong on at least one point -- that whiff of sulfur seems to trail behind Cheney and Rove and Rumsfeld -- but Bush-Baby makes such a wonderful front man because - -while's he's certainly stupid and vindictive enough to belong in that crowd-- he not only does NOT stink of that particular cologne of the Unholy One, he doesn't seem to even recognize it on his hench-demons -- although I may be wrong -- it's a characteristic, according to believers, that the Prince of Lies is always making you think someone else is the bad guy...

Regardless -- our job (as Americans) is to clean up our own act and often, the rest will relieve itself.

Monkey Boy and his coven of Mega-assholes revised the rules (see below) so they can't really complain when a foreign president talks like our president or Vice President or our UN Ambassador. (Would you call Dr. Frankenstein's monster, Adam, given the neck-metal, a Bolt-On?)

The tragedy to us citizens is that none of the Bush-Mob seem to recognize that they are the same guys as Venezuela's Chavez and North Korea's Ill Sick Fuck and Iran's Disco-dressing Ahmadinejad -- the same megalomaniacal "I am the world" guys, except that, in Chavez's and Ahmadinejad's case, they were actually elected by the people of his country.


From's War Room

"Certain points regarding Hugo Chavez's speech at the United Nations on Wednesday ought to be beyond real dispute. For instance, most people should be able readily to agree that for a head of state to call another head of state the "devil" and say that he leaves behind a whiff of sulfur falls short of the ideal model of diplomatic decorum. But one can legitimately question the extent to which the United States is in a position to invoke and enforce such precepts of diplomatic propriety...

President Bush, of course, famously labeled Iran, Iraq and North Korea part of the "Axis of Evil" and recently began using the term "Islamic fascists" in campaign speeches to describe America's enemies. Meanwhile, Bush officials and their supporters have been repeatedly invoking the now-standard rhetorical tactic of comparing America's enemies, including other heads of state, to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi threat."


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