You can always spot a company-man moron -- even when he wears a fancy dress with ruby slippers

The clue? There are several.

One if he actually believes in an omni-god but thinks science is somehow ... what? not that god's doing ... maybe he hasn't thought things through.

Two -- he loves the faith of Africans and Asians who are "frightened by a form of rationality" which is pretty logical, since the former Hitler-youth sig-heiler is now the chief exhorter of an invisible friend who embodies and exemplifies love, charity, humility, and forgiveness. I would figure, for a guy like that, "rationality" is the LAST THING he'd want his
sheep to embrace.

Pope Says Not to Reject God for Science

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By DAVID McHUGH Associated Press Writer

September 10,2006 | MUNICH, Germany -- Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday warned modern societies not to let faith in science and technology make them deaf to God's message, and suggested that Asia and Africa could teach the wealthier West something about faith.

In his sermon to some 250,000 pilgrims at an open-air Mass in Munich, Benedict said modern people suffered from "hardness of hearing" when it comes to God.

"Put simply, we are no longer able to hear God -- there are too many different frequencies filling our ears," he said. "What is said about God strikes us as pre-scientific, no longer suited to our age."

"People in Asia and Africa admire our scientific and technical progress, but at the same time they are frightened by a form of rationality which totally excludes God from man's vision, as if this were the highest form of reason."


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