MUST-SEE TV -- Olberman delivers the long-awaited Redrum Rumsfeld version of the "Edward R Murrow Takes Down Joe McCarthy" Commentary

Keith Olbermann pretty much said it better and with a more learned historical twist than I could have, regarding Redrum Rumsfeld's "appeasement" comment ...

Via Crooks and Liars --

Oh -- one fact - when he mentions the list of things this administration has had wrong, for ideology or profit, and includes Flu Vaccine -- Redrum sits onthe board of directors of Gilead Sciences, the Foster City, CA company that manufactures the vaccine. So HIS retirement fund is filled right up to the top.


My only comment to add -- when the issue of "appeasement" comes up down the road, the only regrets most of the world's countries will have in that regard is having appeased this band of thieves, murderers and schoolyard bullies they call the Bush Administration, having gone along with them.



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