More on my insensitive comments (below) about how much I despise the TV commercials being made by/for Chuck Poochigian.

First of all, while the exceedingly courageous ANONYMOUS felt a need to scream and call me names, he was right on the point he wanted to make -- that it was stupid and insensitive for me to make a flippant comment about the Turkish genocide of the Armenians (at Musa Dagh and elsewhere). In fact, he didn't go far enough in his criticism of my statment.

More to the point, the fact that Mr. Poochigian is of Armenian descent is totally irrelevant to my distaste for his tactics, as it might have suggested that I consider his form of stupid viciousness has ANYTHING to do with his ethnic extraction, or that I think this is something Armenians do.

Not ever in mind mind nor ever my intent.

I have known many Americans of Armenian descent.
Some have been delightful friends.
(Yo, Dieron -- it's been too long. Time for another round of Woo Dip Hah and Egg Rolls.)

Some have been just as nasty and venal and slimy as we may find among any other types of American.

In short, to clear any confusion --

People are people and Chuck Poochigian seems to me to be a sleazy scumbag all on his own without regard to race, religion, ethnic grouping, national derivation, of his Alma Mater.

The cold, cruel, monstrous genocide of the Armenians was largely ignored by most societies and governments in the west, with the exception of the emerging Third Reich under Adolf Hitler who pointed to that in context of his desire to commit genocide on the Jews (and Gypsies, Catholics, Gays, Poles, Trade Unionists, etc), and opined that no one had cared when the Turks killed off most of an entire people, so why would anyone care about the Jews (or the rest).


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