The tragedy of Barack Obama

I thought it when he declared ...

"No, too soon. you'll break your teeth on this one."

But of course he went ahead, the smartest kid on the High School Debating Team, a kid who thinks he knows how nasty politics can be because of his Chicago background.

Well, LOCAL politics, yeah, but when you move to the level where you're doing body counts, it's another game, one you haven't had a chance to learn.

Here's the kind of thing that happens -- that gets said -- when such a person is over, done, finished, but doesn't quite know it yet -- and it's a saddening thing to see someone so smart and with such a non-homogenized point of view get blown away and turned into a certified loser, i.e., become a smart-ass:

Obama Seeks Support Quoting Bill Clinton
By HOLLY RAMER Associated Press Writer

Sep 29th, 2007 | CONCORD, N.H.

-- Democratic presidential hopeful Barrack Obama said Saturday his public service experience trumps that of rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's, and he tried to use her husband's words to make his point.

Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, said his background as a community organizer, lawyer, professor and state senator is more valuable than Hillary Clinton's experience "working the system" as first lady and in other roles.

In doing so, Obama tried to throw former President Clinton's words back at him, quoting comments Bill Clinton made in a 1992 debate with the first President Bush.

"The same old experience is not relevant. ... And you can have the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience," Clinton said at the time.

"He's exactly right," Obama said at a rally. "What we need to do is put an end to the wrong kind of experience."


Oh man, you could have had so much to give to the country and the world if you'd just had a little patience. But no, you had to bee what the English call "Too clever by half."

The USA has long long long needed to have a president of color and/or a woman president. Barbara Jordan would have been great -- regardless of color or sex -- she would have been one of the greatest EVER in our history and even better than great -- up there with FDR and Jefferson had she not gotten sick.

You could have been -- maybe -- in the mold of JFK.

Instead, you decided to be the black Harold Stassen.

You were smart enough, but not wise enough or tough enough.

And while I'm sorry for you, Mr. O, what hurts is that it's OUR loss.

Even worse (more painful) for the people who believed -- couldn't see you lost it all the day you declared.

But throwing Bill Clinton's words up use to slap Hillary? Pure schoolboy smartass bullshit. It's the kind of thing you mutter to your friends AFTER you realize the race is over for you.

And nobody likes a smartass.


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