Two people with forks to be stuck in, because they seem to be quite well done

Rudy Giuliani -- Jeezus, Rudy, you've got more dirty deals and scandals and dishonesty surrounding your time as mayor -- that are already exposed -- than the regimes of Warren G Harding (the Teapot Dome Scandal -- it was about oil -- being the least of it) or Nixon (although the criminalities were pretty much the same as those of Monkey Boy's administration) garnered in their terms of office. I don't know which is more damning -- having the city pay for your pussy parties on Long Island or palling around with the Giant Toad of Qatar (Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani) who protected and helped escape the man who engineered 9-11 (Khalid Sheikh Muhammad -- but those, while only two of many -- are enough to sink any pleasure cruise.

On the other hand, as Molly Ivins used to point out, there's a certain virtue of of some kind of loyalty in "dancing with the one that brung you." If Big Boy hadn't protected Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, then there would have been no 9-11, and there would have been NO possibility of anyone in either party thinking you might be a presidential candidate in their wildest dreams and you wouldn't have had to change directions and make up new principles, ones that would be useful in fooling the people you now want to trick.. So perhaps your loyalty got you this far.

Hillary Clinton -- It's not that we don't think you could be a decent president (hell, given what we've got, anyone would look better) -- and it's not about you being a woman -- there are 2, 3, 4+ women in politics for whom I'd vote and even campaign for in a flash -- but there's so much resentment because of the DNC telling us ... MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO -- that you were IT -- what we've got -- and get behind it or else.

And now, taking Pot-Shots at Barack Obama because his numbers have gotten close, maybe even past yours, is just not worthy of anyone we'd want as president. We already have one who gets nuts when challenged -- don't need another one. Maybe you've got some bad advisors, because what it looks like, Senator, is what they call Flop Sweat, especially in the way Lenny Bruce used it in his great bit about the Palladium in London, i.e., not just the perspiration but bombing on stage as a standup comic and then getting more and more desperate and every word you say just makes it worse.

More to come -- people who need to get forked -- oh, Karl Rove for example, but that's for another posting.


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