SURRENDER? Hell, no!

The Republicans have been bandying that word around a lot, part of a talking point that they introduced this past year...

"The Democrats want to set a date to SURRENDER..."

over and over again and I wonder:


To the American public of which 70+ % wants the government "of the people, for the peoiple and by the people" to get the hell out of Iraq?

To the American troops, of whom veterans safely out from under the UCMJ (which makes it a court-martial offense to publicly criticize the President, and/or to state that the American policy is not very clever*) say about the same 70% want this thing over -- the only difference being that they will stick as long as they can despite being blown up on a daily indefensible basis?

So to whom or what will these bloody-minded kill-crazed sonsofbitches be surrending to?

The Constitution?
The American Voters?
The People who told them all along it was a bad idea?

Do they think the Iraqi's will come over here and do to us what we've done to them, i.e., destroy their homes, families, and country?

The word is NOT "surrender."
The word(s) is/are
"Admit our mistake ."
"Bring the troops home."
"Apologize to the Arab world for being sociopathic murdering thugs."

And the word(s) that will go the longest way to resurrecting international respect for America as well as revivifying our own faith in and respect for our country--

"Indict Bush, Cheney, et al for Crimes Against Humanity."


*It is not only possible to be court-martialed on a charge of Sedition for saying something like "I don't think we know what the hell we're doing over there," it has been done. I found that out personally, the hard way, long time ago.


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