Doesn't congress have anything better to do?

Are there REALLY no more pressing and/or important matters to attend to in our United States than if and when some jocks took drugs that made them better (instead of the drugs they always rail against, the ones that "give you the skill but take away the will")?

With motivations that range from jock-sniffing adulation to athletically inept resentment, these assholes (the congress, not the jocks), are not really doing the job we hired them for.

Even a consummate comb-over asshole like Donald Trump knows those two words: "You're Fired."

Republican or Democrat, I propose we use those two words and vote every person on those panels out of office, whether we like them or their party or not.

And tell the next group to TCB or get the fuck out.

(Can we sue or prosecute the current ones for defrauding us?
Taking money under false pretenses?)


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