Do they even think AT ALL in Sacramento? BUMPING up the sales tax? Sometimes saying "ENOUGH" can be very very ugly -- necessary, but ugly.

That iron-pumping giant self-loving asshole from Austria and the jock-sniffing house of reps full of people fighting each other for position to be first in line to push their noses as far up his ass as they can get -- they seem to think as long as they get theirs and their contributors (i.e., those who are consistent with their bribes) get the rest, everything will be fine.

So the only people whose wrath they don't mind are the general public who -- they figure (probably correctly as we've seen) -- were stupid enough to believe their tarnished promises before so why not now?

Have any of them noticed that there is a problem that involved people NOT BUYING STUFF?

Have any of them considered what bumping the state sales tax up to add just under 10% to the price of the goods (when added to city and county taxes) will do to the economy?

(When someone used the word "economy" -- he or she is showing a mental construct of a person who does NOT think in terms of "people." As long as the stock market is hot and high, the CEO's of various companies certainly don't give a flying fuck about how many people have lost their jobs and homes and health in order to let them show their stockholders a positive balance sheet?)

Add that to the local counties who are adding their own 1/2% to push the sales tax OVER 10%.

Try selling a new car with that extra taste counted in.

They just don't give a flying fuck about anything but "I got mine Jack, fuck you."

Oh, that and they also worry a bit about the people they like to think are insane who want to shoot them.

(Of all the stupid and insane incidents of violence in our society, the idea of shooting the people who lie to us to let them run the machinery of government and then steal from us until hell won't have it -- that's the only governmental reform idea that comes close to being sane and reasoned.)

Hey -- the Pacific Stock Exchange building on California Street in San Francisco is open to the public -- even the gun-toting public... and those guns sales really help "the eekonomy." How long before someone stroking his gun-barrel thinks that one through?

Even though -- probably -- even a massacre of the trading-floor speculators might not make those people actually think about why people hate them so much, but even if it doesn't, it would certainly be satisfying for the rest of us to watch the video played over and over and over again on the TV news.

Yeah, I know some of those people are really nice guys.

Too bad.

They played the same game and took the same money -- they get to pay the same dues as the mean soul-less vicious motherfuckers .

The law doesn't distinguish between nasty unpleasant drug dealers and nice congenial drug dealers who are just supplying the family with a little smoke. So why should anyone who is looking at the people who play games with our financial viability for their own profit?

It would probably be nicer if the shooters started with the media freaks who are stirring hatred and pointing political fingers at the ones they call traitors. You know who they are.

But they're only one part of the problem.

The way of the the American system is to just get in there and shoot anyone who moves and pile up the bodies until everyone throws up their hands and says "OKAY! OKAY -- ENOUGH!"

That's the American Way -- from the Plymouth Rock wars with the locals to the French and Indian Wars to the Trail of Tears to Mexico to Cuba to Haiti, China, Panama, Nicaragua, and more --- nearly 200 separate shooting wars between the founding and the Bicentennial celebration.

That's what we do -- maybe THE ONLY THING we do well...

And maybe -- to use the idiotic generalization those government and financial people so often use -- maybe "That's the only language those people understand."

(Why should Mexican drug cartel people get to have all the fun?")

Yeah -- I know this is hideously irresponsible and I would be just as culpable as Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh if people actually did it.

But they're not doing it for or because of me.

Or as one Iraqi vet said a while back in an interview: "We got a lot of people over here who are doing nothing but getting year after year of special weapons training."

You know -- sowing and reaping?

MY DISCLAIMER HERE --- I'm not advocating or trying to incite anyone to violence against those people who lie and steal from us and who dishonor their basic protoplasm -- I'm just doing my Cassandra thing -- the violence is already here --- the anger against the greedheads is already here --- god knows the guns are all already here -- I'm just looking ahead to what I see coming -- and it might piss people off that I'm not being judgmental about it, not opining as to it being good or bad -- it's not about whether or not those people DESERVE to be offed or kidnapped -- people don't get what they deserve -- they get what they resemble -- it's just about the functional dynamic that and that's the way I see it playing out.

Of course, it's POSSIBLE something(s) could be done to alter that outcome, but I have no idea what that would be. So. like waiting for Rescue Me to finally get the new season up and running, all I can do is wait and see.



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