Ahhh - 4 words that might make everyone ease up on flinging feces at the president

It's a 4-word mantra to increase the sense of well-being:





The Repugs' attacks depend TOTALLY on people having a short memory (how many times they attacked the Dems for doing a less venomous version of what THEY'RE doing now, but we -- as Americans -- can NOT afford to forget the first 8 years of the 21st century, and those four words.


Make that FIVE magic words -- and this the most powerful of the lot:


(I realized this last night, falling asleep, but would have forgotten to add it except for a reminder from long-time friend and master gadfly, expat to the UK, Stephen Bennett.)

It's a healing mantra, so say it frequently:

"Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin, and Rove -- ALL FINISHED!"

... and other than W*, the rest are still loudly screaming that they are alive and relevant.  They're not and just realizing that increases the feeling that Morning in America may actually be here.

Historically famous atheist Voltaire said it best:

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.'  And God granted it."


*(Who woulda thought HE would be the most astute of the lot?)



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