OK -- what REALLY momentous event occured on 9-11? (2005)

It was the first National Bilby Day in Australia.

Bilbies -- right out there in front of all contenders for "Cutest Wild Animal in the World" 

They were almost extinct until Frank Manthey and Peter McRae decided the word needed every bit of cute-itude it had.

September 11, 2005.

Of course, the Aussies -- like us, their fellow Americans -- value a holiday weekend over true homage.

As with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln -- both birthdays concatenated into a holiday for a three-day weekend, National Bilby Day is now -- and for the future --  the second Sunday of September.

 But, wottehell, boss -- beats the hell out of having no National Bilby Day at all, but still, it would be most fine to have something, once the memory of the horror in New York has faded,  have something so positive and magical linked to that date --- 

9-11 - National (International?) Bilby Day

 It's got my vote.

National Parks and Wildlife Service - Save the Bilby Fund-for the endangered Bilby , a member of the Bandicoot family.  In Charleville, SW QLD, a 25 square km area of the Currawinya NP is being fenced to help save the Bilby for re-introduction to the wild.  Some 40 Bilbies will be set into the wild.  Image shows twin 3 month old male Bilbys who will be set free into the fenced area.


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