I have a rule in my life -- I will not vote for anyone who uses Robocalls, even if it's someone I was planning to vote for, someone I thought was a really good person.

I felt weird about that for a while until I realized that anyone who uses Robocalls is showing me that he or she isn't the good person I thought.

And that solves the problem for me.

The only problem I have left with Robocalls is that it's not very satisfying shouting "FUCK YOU" at a recording that says "Hi, this is Mitt Romney..." or "Hello, this is President Clinton.." (Oh, I still shout it, but it's sort of unsatisfying.)

A young woman called me the other day and asked me if I had time to talk about voting for her uncle for Superior Court judge. I said I didn't but I had the voter's pamphlet. She was very polite, and it wasn't until after she hung up that I realized I should have told her that she being a living person and not a recording, raises her uncle --- previously unknown to me -- to the status of worthiness of public office.


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