Pingvini power

I have a cold and can't think -- fortunately, Tom Tomorrow can and does.

So Tom Tomorrow AND Berke Breathed AND Linux all feature extraordinary penguins as their front men.


Many years ago, I came to the conclusion that life may well be a put-on contest, and if that were so, then the penguins had already won, and the ones we were seeing were ambassadors arriving and waiting in properly chilled zoos to present their bonafides and accept our formal surrender.

I'm glad I spent so many hours with my wife, hand-raising baby penguins, feeding them, cleaning them, and socializing them to humans by playing those silly tickle-tickle boodjie-boodjie games with them. Perhaps there will be more than just fond memories of summer days spent stinking of the herring/krill/half-and-half formula we fed them. Perhaps there will be a State Department job. Some sort of post in the Antarctic Embassy?


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