BBC NEWS -- Smallest 'Earth-like' planet seen

Scientists are on the lookout for Earth-like planets European scientists have discovered what they describe as the smallest Earth-like planet orbiting a star outside our Solar System.

The planet is 14 times the size of Earth - not so large that it qualifies as a gas giant - and is close enough to the star that it is unlikely to be icy.

Dr Nuno Santos, of the University of Lisbon, said the new planet could be thought of as 'super-Earth-like'.

Those of you who have read Nova Express by William Burroughs' will recognize this discovery as the home planet to the Cheney-RedRum-Ashcroft-Perle-Little Monkey Boy-et al Nova Mob, the one they will retreat to when their work here is done, which seems as if it may be any day, or, as one of them sez in the novel:

"So pack yer ermines Mary 'cause the whole shit house is about to go up in chunks."

(And those going to the Nova Express link above will recognize the players of this administration, even though the book was published in 1964.)


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