Bush ads attack Kerry and his wife: the pot calls the kettle white

Wait a second .. supporters of George W Bush, the rich kid who was drunk until he was 40 years old, are dissing John Kerry in radio commercials being broadcast in African-American communities by calling him "rich, white and wishy-washy."

And then they go after Teresa Kerry, mocking her quips about being "African-American," because, despite being from Mozambique, they think she wasn't poor enough growing up.

This in praise of a man who could only be called "rich, white and a yeehah redneck," whose wife seems more like a plushie than a real woman and whose public comments could have been written for a "Hump Me, Elmo" doll.

Bush isn't white? Kerry is too white?

It's still only August and we've already left the planet, heading for who knows where.


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