Hmmm, and what beats a straight flush?

During a break in the Grand Prix de Paris poker tournament, two armed men wearing ski masks entered the Aviation Club and made the players and staff lie down on the floor while they robbed the casino. French police later described the gunmen as "well informed" because it appeared that they knew the precise stations where the casino kept its cash. The thieves collected about 76,000 euros ($92,902).

The way I learned poker, the progression of hands is as follows:

High card
Two pair
Three of a kind
Full house
Four of a kind
Straight flush (a Royal Flush is the Ace-high straight flush)
... but my mentor stressed that I always remember one thing:

"a sawyer (sawed-off shotgun) beats everything."

These two fellows knew that rule.

Not that it all went off without a hitch:

Upon exiting the Aviation Club de France, the casino robbery took a wrong turn as the thieves had somehow lost the keys to their getaway motorcycle.

Still, in the finest tradition of rooting for the bad guy:

So they stole a refrigerated truck. Still, the pair managed to elude the pursuing police as well as a taxi driver who joined in the chase (until he realized the men were armed and then it didn't seem like such a good idea). The truck was later found, absent the robbers and the cash. Rumor is Inspector Clouseau is coming out of retirement to find the renegades.

The entrepreneurial spirit is not dead.


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