Is it too soon to recall Ahhhnold?

He's turning out to be too dumb to even be Governor of California, and as Gray Davis and Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian proved, you don't need to be able to spell S.A.T. to do that job.

He's forgotten the most basic element of all the action movies he was in, to whit -- the only reason the baddies and the other guys went along with him was that they were being paid to do so -- actors, Ahnold, actors. You didn't get Linda Hamilton to ride with you cuz you were cute. She was well paid and.. .well, finally, even money wasn't enough to get her to ride with you.

But it's the same thing with politicians, maybe even more so. You don't get the recalcitrant members of the legislature to come along by calling them "girlie men." (The jock-sniffers who swoon when you blow cigar smoke their way -- those ones you can call girlie men.)

He plays ambush tricks like waiting till the budget is completed and allocated before addressing the multi-billion dollar debt for rebuilding the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Meaning it's the locals who commute who will pay it off with a toll of $4 or $5, even though the bridges are state-owned. This sort of thing MIGHT work once.

(Yeah, I know -- Jerry Brown wanted a prettier bridge, looking to the long term of regional pride and aesthetics, and Willie Brown wanted a B&B and yuppie setup on Treasure Island, looking to the short term of paying off his troops. But it was Republican governor Pete Wilson who said, "Don't retrofit -- build a new eastern span.")

He attacked recall election opponent Cruz Bustamante for being too much beholden to Indian Casino people, and has negotiated deals with them which make the Little Big Horn reception of George Armstrong Custer look like a Tupperware Party. They saw that big dumb Arrogant Aryan coming a mile away and took him for everything they could think of.

This week, he finished authorizing the Lytton Tribe of Pomo Indians to build and operate the third largest casino in America to be located in San Pablo, just a few miles north of Oakland, and excluding any other tribe from setting up a casino within 35 miles of them, meaning monopoly in the Bay Area. And the state of California? It got about what the Pomo got -- bupkes.

Informative digression begins:

Let me make one thing clear. I am absolutely delighted that the Native Americans, after several hundred years of being killed and starved and pushed off their land, get to set up their own cash machines. I am bizarrely amazed at people who are pissed off that "they're too rich."

Other than merely wanting justice, a concept at which most politicians laugh, the principle and precedent is this: if Jews, of which I am one, have ANY claim to living in Palestine at all, based on history that goes back 5000 years, then the Pomo and Wintu, having only been gone about 100-150 years, have every right to get their property back. And that includes most of California.

If you want to know what sort of genocidal terror was involved in settling the Golden State, read a novel called California Bloodstock by Terry McDonnell. Or, failing that, read any really graphic book on Hitler's Holocaust and, to paraphrase Sam Goldwyn who, when he was told he couldn't film Radclyffe Hall's Well of Loneliness because "it's about lesbians," said, "well, where there are lesbians, make 'em Mexicans." In this case, where there are Jews, or, an even more apt comparison, Gypsies, make 'em California Indians. Cuz the Gypsies didn't then, and don't now have any political clout in Europe or America or pretty much anywhere, no one to hear their cries.

Informative digression ends.

We all knew he was a thug and a bully, not just in the movies, when he finally condescended to participate in a debate prior to the election and spent his time shouting down Arianna Huffington, Peter Camejo, and Cruz Bustamante.

In other words, Ahhnold does tricks that might play when they're scripted with actors who are being paid handsomely to go along with them, and might work ONCE when played out in a real life Sacramento ambush. But if he thought actors have the most gigantic egos in the known world, he really never met any of these pissant politicians from some crossroads district in the desert. The pettier the venue, the bigger the ego.

So, again, he's proving himself incompetent and an embarrassment, and would actually improve his image right about now by doing a Governor McGreevy announcement about the Gay Life in the world of Speedo-wearing greased-up iron-pumpers. It would increase my respect for him as a person.

Is it too soon to do another recall?


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