A message to our presidential candidates: stop whining and making excuses

First, the GOP.

I am so gahdamn tired of this "It's Bill Clinton's fault. Don't blame us for 9-11. We were only in office for 9 months."

Nine months? I thought you were going to "hit the ground running."

Remember -- the FIRST attack on the World Trade Center happened on February 26, 1993 -- only 5 WEEKS after Bill Clinton became President, and he didn't whine and point fingers at Poppy Bush.

And it's not as if you weren't warned and warned and warned. (Let us not forget, every time Bill Clinton went after Ben Ladn, you guys yelled "Wagging the dog! You're trying to distract us from what's more important -- Monica Lewinsky.")

And then what about the Hart-Rudman report Clinton commissioned and which was presented to you and congress before the time of your inauguration -- and about which Monkey Boy and Condoleeza Rice both said, "I'll give it to Dick Cheney and he'll look at it and he'll see if it's worthwhile." Because obviously two years of intensive research by ten experts wasn't good enough to get the information needed -- Dick Cheney had to look it over.

The Hart-Rudman Report insisted in 1999 that an attack was coming, one which would "cost thousands of lives." And former Senator Hart kept warning about it, both publicly and privately, the last time when he met with Condoleeza Rice on September 6, 2001.

Of course neither Hart nor Rudman were asked to testify before the 9-11 Commission.

So, to quote Monkey Boy (who was, I believe, quoting his mom's opinion of his "drunk-and-40" life:)

"Put some calcium in your backbones."

As to you, John Kerry, as dearly as I want Monkey Boy and his band of subhuman plunderers out of the White House and out of our lives, and as much as I admire and respect your wife (and in fact, still not knowing what the hell you stand for, am willing to vote for you only because if SHE is willing to stand by you, you must have SOME integrity left from your last stand in 1972), I cannot but say:

"WHAT!?! You would have gone into a totally unnecessary war with Iraq ANYWAY, knowing what you know now?"

I would respectfully suggest to you, Senator Kerry, in the approximate words of Dick Cheney: "Go fuck yourself!"

As to Ralph Nader, I am trying to remember the difference between "egotist" and "egoist." I think one was supposed to mean a person who is totally self-centered while the other indicates someone who doesn't even recognize the fact that there's an actual world out there, outside of one's own mental masturbation. (A solipsist wouldn't need to run for office.) I would offer you the same advice I just gave to John Kerry, but I think that's what you're already doing.


One candidate is trying to ignore a totally disgraceful record of plunder, intimidation, and failure over the past four years by telling us what his agenda might be for the next four years.

Another one is trying to remind us all of what he did 30+ years ago, but is giving us little clue of what he intends to do or how, except to do the same disastrous things the incumbent did, only "do it better."

And the third one is running on "I know I'm going to fuck it all up and help re-elect the worst presidential apparat in living memory, but remember? You thought I was a good guy a long time ago. "

All of you:
Grow up.
Debate the issues.
Take off the masks (as terrifying as it might be to see your true faces).
Learn the difference between communication and manipulation.

You all seem to have forgotten one important thing:

This is not YOUR country -- it's ours.

Right now, Alien vs Predator seems to sum up the situation quite accurately.

(Add in Ralphie, and it's Alien vs Predator vs Abbot and Costello meet the Wolfman)

Got it?


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