The (mostly) Grecian people cheered the American athletes

I'm delighted to have been proven wrong re my bitter prediction that the American athletes would be booed at the opening of the Olympics.

I had forgotten that the people of Greece remember from recent experience what it means to live under a junta that does what it wants without regard for the will or even the consent of the governed.

I know there are thoughtful people who think the Olympics are no longer interesting because the cold war is over and the rah-rah Us versus Them, Good versus Evil is no longer an issue.

But it was important.

In a country whose population overwhelmingly despises this war in Iraq -- the country that invented Democracy -- the people showed their continuing affection for America and Americans, despite the Coup d'Fou that has encouraged the dark powers of fear and revenge to dominate.

Their cheers reminded us all that this too will pass, and that despite all the petty attempts to bury, crush, and piss upon Democracy -- it has NOT been lost.

As they say in the old movies, "Thanks -- we needed that."


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