Dacha Dude Weblog -- well worth the click

An antidote to what I think of as "vanderleunism," e.g., the pathetic spectacle of a once-brilliant mind having devolved through years of kissing up to second-raters, fear, and the compensatory arrogance, into a camo-sniffing war-worshipping shrieker trying to drown out all disagreement.

Dacha Dude has a good sense of humor, great links (not just the one to me, but I thank you whomever you may be, I'm flattered to be included and otherwise I wouldn't have found the blogsite), and even dotes on Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), creator of the most elegant art of nature-forms ever done, the man whose observations led to the famous and rather overzealous and not exactly correct conclusion that "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny." (They were/are only good friends. Oh, FYI, Haeckel coined that term, "phylogeny," also the word "ecology.") Besides, right or wrong, without that quip, we'd never had had such variations as "Ontology resuscitates philately," "Doxology misunderestimates degeneracy," or "Philology decapitates anemones."

Haeckel was regarded as a racist for a long time, since his belief that "politics is applied biology," was a favorite of the Nazi propagandists. And perhaps he was -- he saw a world of racism, nationalism and social Darwinism, and there were few people who wanted to admit that he might be right, that it might be the norm rather than the deviation. Besides, as William Blake put it -- "An idea is not responsible for its followers," and the hakenkreuz homies also thought the world of Mozart and Beethoven and Bach, so what does it all mean?

I digress, but hey, we don't see people getting excited about Ernst Haeckel very often.

Check it out -- do the click and take some time playing with a more healing form of insanity than the one we see so often.


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