Al Gore giving debate advice?

Oh, I don't care which side you're on -- this is beyond hubris, beyond grotesque --this is in the highest tradition of commedia del'arte. Gore is still playing el dottore -- the fraud, the pompous caricature of the educated man

Al Gore is offering advice? This is the man who fared so poorly in the year 2000 debating a smug, shallow George Bush that most observers believe he lost the election right there ... uhh, actually, he didn't LOSE the election, but his behavior in the first debate so diminished his lead among the voters that his margin of victory was narrowed enough for Bush and his cohorts to steal it via Brother Jeb and his main squeeze, Kathryn Harris preventing thousands of African-American voters from access to the polls, and finishing off with a bit of help from the tame Supreme Court Justices.

Gore was so smarmy and supercilious, putting on artificial emotional displays as crude and unconvincing as might be performed by a 9th grader in his first class play, it even made the cheerleader frat boy look wholesome and possibly competent.

This is a man who was too chickenshit to stand up and tell the country that while he had nothing to do with the President's personal life, he was part and party to the economic boom, the social programs, the balancing of the budget.

My advice to Senator Kerry: Jon Stewart defined it to perfection when he said that what we need as a president is "a designated driver."

Over the past 50 years, Americans have elected presidents according to which one is perceived as stronger and also which one is perceived to be having a better time. Clinton's people know how to win, but if you want both to win the job and keep your soul -- use Teresa as your model.

If she were a man, she'd be seen as a combination of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately, because she's a woman she's hampered by the fact that people in this country do not appreciate quick wit, candor, analytical intelligence, and a highly developed sense of humor when it comes from those of that sex.

Too many men are still afraid of Mommy.
Too many women resent any woman who is her own person, even in a marriage.

But a man who does what Teresa does? Landslide.

And you still get to like yourelf at the end of the day.

For all that Al Gore has finally been saying the things he should have had the intelligence and huevos to say in 2000, his life in politics is still only a cautionary tale.

Smile politely and run away from him as fast as you can.


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