Connecting the dots… Bush to Saddam to Osama ben Ladn to Bush…

So, ok., follow this (everything here, except my cynically sarcastic tone has been culled from public records):

1. Poppy Bush sat patiently at the left side of Reagan, waiting for him to die, kissing the ass of the fundamentalist Christians he despised “for the greater good” -- that good being getting Babs off his back and establishing a Bush League Dynasty.

While he was waiting, being the Iraq-ist for the Iran-Iraq war games, he took billions in kickbacks from Saddam Hussein. Billions with a B.

Poppy ran for president because “it was his turn.” And he beat Michael Dukakis.

2. Bush was president, and he gleefully suckered his old pal Saddam Hussein into crossing the border into Kuwait. (Saddam was getting pissed off that the Kuwaitis were slant drilling across the border into his oilfields. The fact that they were using equipment sold to them by Santa Fe Oil, a company with board members who were Poppy’s advisors, is just an amusing sidelight.)

Bush had Ambassador April Glaspie talk to Saddam on July 25, 1989 and tell him, essentially, we didn’t care what he did with Kuwait.*

On August 2, 1990, Saddam's massed troops invade and occupy Kuwait.

3. Aside from giving Poppy an excuse to take out the guy who had kept the kickback receipts, it gave him an occasion to convince the Saudis that even though Saddam was setting up defensive emplacements in Southern Kuwait, he was planning to invade them. They had to believe that to allow the USA to place long-denied and long-desired military bases on their soil. This was one of the major reasons for getting Saddam to go into Kuwait. His (GHWBush) long-time involvement with the Ben Ladn family helped.

4. Osama Ben Ladn comes home to Riyadh from Afghanistan (coincidentally, in the world of suckering foreign leaders, Zbigniew Brzezinsky was known to brag that he had “suckered the Russians into invading Afghanistan.”)

He asks his father to finance him so he can raise an army of the faithful and invade Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power, a man he despised as an enemy of Islam, a man who allowed women to drive cars, own businesses, travel without having their faces covered, and who allowed hotels to serve alcohol. A man Osama considered to be a disgrace to Islam. (Not exactly pals.)

While in Riyadh, he discovered that America had been allowed to establish bases on holy soil in Saudi Arabia. His reaction to that was an incandescent generalized “fuck you, too” to his family and the rest of the sheiks they rode in on. Embarrassment to the family, sonny boy sent packing. Back to Afghanistan.

Meaning, perhaps -- and most likely – without Desert Storm and the fast shuffle crooked deal that got 41’s military bases in Araby, there would have been no repeated attacks on the World Trade Center -- the international symbol of "Hi, we're Euro-America and we're going to rape and plunder your economy wherever and whenever we want to." (Think about your feelings if the Saudis established a military base of their own near OUR holy places -- Graceland or Disney World.)

5. Without the subsequent appointment of George W to the presidency by Poppy's Supreme Court, and the amazement and horror felt around the world that America had yet ANOTHER George Bush in the White House, this one a bad Xerox of the first, there would have been no 9-11. Thousands of working stiffs would still be alive, would not have died horrible deaths for the furtherance of the Bush family fortunes. Our military people would still believe their role is to protect America, that the government was not willing to simply waste their lives without vital cause.

And we would still have a viable economy.

Connect those dots, you mighty rec room warriors.


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