More on Bush's bulge -- but not from Bush's people

No, not the bulge in his flight suit during Emission Accomplished -- we know that was most likely a rolled-up pair of sweat socks -- this is the bulge on his back during the first debate (see earlier posting) -- the one on his back, allegedly a passive transducer (passive -- oh how appropriate) sending voice to a receiver in his ear giving key words, facts, phrases to help him answer questions.

The background, from D-Day to last week, of TV and radio picking up words said just before Bush says them is on

Here's today's news as reported in --

Rory O'Connor at Media successfully reached Mark McKinnon, the Bush campaign's media director, for comment.

"I love this. Am tempted to say, 'I cannot confirm or deny,' and let the story get some legs," McKinnon responded by email to O'Connor's inquiry. (As a top media operative for Bush, McKinnon should probably know that the story has already run a marathon through the blogosphere.) "Or, how about, 'Since we put the metal plate in his head, we have had some measure of success with audio transmissions to the President.' Or, 'Yeah, but it clearly broke down during the debate.' Unfortunately, the truth is not nearly as interesting. The answer is, 'The President has never been assisted by any audio signal.'"

While McKinnon was not without a sense of humor in denying the existence of any audio aid, it's intriguing that he said nothing about what that odd little bulge actually might have been.

And there it is --

Ha-ha, no no, don't be silly ...

So what WAS that bulge?

Ooops, look at the time -- I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date... gotta run.


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