WorkingForChange-Stupid people love Bush

Stupid people love Bush
New study shows correlation between decline of IQ and rise of GOP

According to the prestigious Southern California think tank, The Gluton Group, stupid people prefer President George W Bush over Senator John Kerry by a 4-to-1 margin. As Chief Resident Dr. Louis Friend characterized the results of the research, 'the less intelligent you are, the more you like Bush.'

The consensus: the higher the IQ, the less people trust Bush and respect the job his administration has done.

---and if you poll Republicans, you may find the same results -- that the more intelligent they are, the more they want Monkey Boy out of there ... since Bush and his henchmen are destroying that party, eradicating the long-time standards of individual freedoms, subsuming that to religious fanaticism.

As someone who usually votes Democratic in these elections, I tremble with fear to imagine what a lack of opposition will do to the Democrats. I may favor some of their policies, but that doesn't mean they're any less opportunistic, any less a bunch of lying sonsofbitches than the Republicans.


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