To be fair -- here's the best reason to vote for Bush-Cheney

Because if they win re-election, they won't have to get their friends in Saudi Arabia to stage a "We-told-you-so" terrorist attack on the United States.

Cheney and Bush have both told us that Kerry's election would get us attacked again. And, given their hand-in-glove relationship with with the Saudi's (like the 15 that flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon and a field in Western Pennsylvania), they're guaranteeing it. (Gee, you think they have some pull with their pals in the Ben Ladn family?)

You may consider that an outrageous statement, but given the continual manipulation of public fear through threats of terrorism by this venomous duo and their scuttling henchpersons, it seems a lot closer to being likely than any of the bizarre lies they've been coming up about what Kerry said in the debates.

The real issue is this: Do they think it's really acceptable to just stand there straight-faced and tell vicious lies -- or much more terrifying -- do they actually believe that's what Kerry or Edwards or Clinton or Gore or whomever actually said? Meaning they're hearing voices, little dogs telling them to kill Iraqis, angels telling them to drive the French out of France.

Does anyone believe that John Kerry or ANY Democratic candidate for the past 50 years honestly hated America and wanted our country to be defeated? But that's been the Republican line since Richard Nixon crawled out of the slime and started the long process of driving the people with a sense of decency out of the Republican party.

And, regarding the new digression and diversion they all want to stand on a chair and lift their skirts and scream about -- honestly, when a vicious prick like that old Nixon construct Dick Cheney is your father, you've got a lot more problems than someone mentioning your sexual orientation in a rather protective and positive way.


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