US State Department objects to having an office on anti-semitism

US diplomats balk at Jewish bill
By Jill McGivering
BBC's US State Department correspondent

The US State Department has raised objections to a bill approved by Congress that would require it to set up an office on anti-Semitism.

The bill, the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, is expected to be signed into law soon.

It would require the State Department to appoint an envoy to monitor anti-Semitism worldwide, explore its causes, and produce an annual report...

State department officials oppose the bill, saying it is unnecessary. They argue they already have an impressive track record in tackling anti-Semitism and have proved it is a priority...

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said: 'Our feeling was that the issue of anti-Semitism is something that has been important to us, that we have been active on and is adequately covered by our efforts and by all the other reporting that we do.'

In other words: "We're on it -- we just don't want a bunch of kikes tellin' us what to do."


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