If Dick and Lynne Cheney are ashamed of their daughter, that's THEIR problem

Oh they said "We're very proud of her," when her orientation was becoming better known, but they're obviously embarrassed.

It was a very simple statement, and a good one, that sexual orientation is not a matter of choice but inherent in the individual -- in essence "You and Dick Cheney both know a young woman who is a lesbian, and if you ever thought to ask her, she'd tell you that's who she is, not who she decided to become. And then you can look her in the eye and say, 'Sorry, we can't let you have equal legal rights in your life if it involves actual marriage. But we're rich, so you can buy justice when you need it.' "

Simply put, what Senator Kerry was saying to Blinky was this:

"You're really a two-faced hypocritical sonofabitch, aren't you, George? "

Senator Kerry is the first presidential candidate to say it right out loud in the middle of this emerging theocracy:
"We're all God's children."
Whether or not you believe in God, the sentiment is a good one.

Like Dred Scott, whom the anti-choice people love to mention as a code word, people of color were not regarded as actual people nor entitled to the rights and privileges available to all others. They use his name, and even though Monkey Boy obviously knew nothing of the Dred Scott case, (it WAS in the constitution, dummy. That case caused the constitution to be amended) but the principle of the case is EXACTLY the same principle which should afford people of same-sex orientation to the right to marriage.

Dred Scott is more relevant to allowing same-sex marriage than to abortion. So while you were telling all your intolerant low-life supporters not to worry -- you will definitely appoint justices who will try to take the right of choice away from OTHER women (after all, wasn't that a CHOICE you so-called Pro-Life women made yourselves? To follow the preachers and the aspect of God they claim to represent? You chose to do that, right? Or did you just nod meekly and look at your shoes and mumble and go along when you saw the way the mob treats women who choose differently?), while you guaranteed them a shitload of intolerance for the next generation, you were making a real case for the right of any human being to marry any other human being. Period.

But that's pretty much all we can expect from a president who has never read the constitution.

If Senator Kerry is elected, he'll be the first president to say that gay people are actually people, just as hetero people are people. (What a concept! They're people? Human beings? Like ... uhhh ... like us?)

(I watched that debate with a friend who thought Kerry crossed the line with his comment, but agreed with the point being made, and thought that Kerry could have put it more succinctly and safely by saying, "And when did YOU choose, George?" Wish I'd thought of that. Wish Kerry had thought of that.)


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